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Talent Philosophy

Attract people with the platform

Bring people together in business

Cultivate people through work

Motivate people with performance

Our talents are the core competitiveness of our enterprise. Neo Modulus always regards the common development of both enterprise and employees as its most important responsibility. We make continuous and vigorous efforts to provide more career development opportunities and a better work environment for our employees. Through the continuous growth and optimization of Neo Modulus, we promote team integration and cooperation, thereby creating value and multiple incentives for achieving mutual development of the company and employees.

Talent Development

Neo Modulus adheres to the principle of integrating organizational development with personal development, and has therefore established a multi-dimensional talent channel. 

Whether you are new to the workplace or are in management, we will strive to create a customized growth plan for your career development.

Join us and you'll get
High-growth track for regenerative medicine
Promising career opportunities
Diversity and inclusion
Openness and sharing
A dual-channel training system
Star series growth plan
Rotation mechanism
Digital learning platform
Competitive compensation
An abundant welfare package
Multi-faceted employee care
Diverse interest clubs
Performance bonus
Equity incentives
Project bonuses
Innovation bonuses